Internships & Career Opportunities

Students in our Degree Programs and Professional Certificate Program are eligible to participate in SFI’s nationally renowned internship program, designed to bridge the gap between film student and working professional. Through the internship program SFI students have gained valuable professional experience and contacts, working at some of the finest production companies, post production facilities, and media-related firms in the country. In turn, the companies benefit from our students superb training, knowledge, wide-ranging skill sets, and professional attitudes.

Student Testimonials

“Through the internship program, I was able to work on an independent feature film three days after moving to LA. I not only learned what it is like to work on a real production, but the connections I made from that one internship has now given me eight other job opportunities; and led to my being hired to direct an independent feature film. The internship program has made a world of difference in my life." - Alex Meader

"I received my SFI internship at a Seattle-based advertising agency shooting and editing weekly videos for their blog. After the internship ended, I received a full time job from the agency and am still working there, and loving it, three years later!" - James Whittington

"I absolutely loved my internship at Maguire Entertainment. I loved working at a production company and learned so much working so closely with the producers. I was lucky enough to be able to split my time between the office (where they had me reading scripts, running errands, etc.), the editing room, and also being a personal assistant to the director of the movie that they are currently working on. Everyone was very welcoming and it felt great to be part of a team. They are all enthusiastic about helping me find future work and I know that they are all keeping their eyes open for a job opening for me." - Erin Levine

"Thank you so much for my internship at Screaming Flea Productions, it’s been amazing! Working on projects in every phase of production I’ve learned so much. And being hired to work here full-time is a dream come true!" - Jerusha Thom

“As a huge fan of horror-films, I was very excited and more than a little intimidated when the first internship interview SFI set up for me was with Roger Corman himself! The interview went great, and I got the internship. They kept me very busy doing everything from editing trailers to writing treatments to (sometimes) getting coffee. I learned a ton and had a great time. Best of all, when my internship was complete, they hired me on full time, and I couldn’t be happier! The strong skill-set I gained at SFI has served me very well." - Justin Fox


Company Testimonials

“Erin's fantastic, thank you so much for sending her our way! She proved to be a huge asset to our office. Everyone absolutely loved her and was fighting over her time by the end of her internship! Please send us future SFI candidates!”
- Ivana Schechter-Garcia
Maguire Entertainment Los Angeles, CA

“I’d love to have more interns from the Seattle Film Institute.... The ones we’ve had have been great!”
- Lisa Hirotani White
Screaming Flea Productions Seattle, WA

“We loved having Emily here... if you have more students seeking internships, please let me know.”
- Juan Rodriguez Exclusive Media
Los Angeles, CA

“We've been very impressed with the SFI students that have worked for us as interns. I value their already established skill sets, and willingness to get the job done. I look forward to working with more SFI students in the future."
- Dax Estorninos
Wong Doody Advertising Seattle, WA

“Thanks for sending us another great intern – keep them coming our way!”
-Carter Swan
Trigger Street Productions Los Angeles, CA

“We were very impressed with the interns SFI sent us for a documentary project we were shooting, particularly with their professional conduct on set and their level of expertise with the equipment. We will definitely work with SFI interns in the future.” - Fiona Giles
Avenue Films Seattle WA

If you’d like more information about the Seattle Film Institute internship program, or if you represent a company interested in having SFI students intern with you, contact Chris Blanchett:


Here’s a partial listing of companies we’ve placed interns with:

Microsoft Redmond, WA                        Exclusive Media Los Angeles, CA
Trigger Street Productions Los Angeles, CA
Screaming Flea Productions Seattle, WA
Victory Studios Seattle, WA
Filmateria Seattle, WA
KCTS Public Television Seattle, WA
Cole & Weber Advertising Seattle, WA
Avenue Films Seattle, WA
Clatter & Din/Flicker & Blur Seattle, WA
Hip Films Los Angeles, CA
Kostov and Associates Seattle, WA
MODE Studios Seattle, WA
Production Foundry Seattle, WA
Sierra Media Everett, WA
Wexley School for Girls, Advertising Agency,
Wong Doody Advertising Seattle, WA