Master of Music in Film Composition - Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program


The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program has partnered with The Seattle Film Institute to offer the only one year masters degree in music composition for film and media available in the United States.  This MM (Master of Music) in Film Composition degree is a thorough immersion into writing music for Film, TV, and other media and prepares graduates to enter those fields with the skill set, experience, and professional portfolio necessary to launch a successful career.


Hummie Mann with students in the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program classroom at Seattle Film Institute (SFI)The MM Program offers students more contact hours with instructors than any other program of its type. Throughout the program, students will be guided every step of the way as they learn the art and craft, business, techniques and technology of writing music for film and media. The program features class instruction by active, working professionals with extremely low classroom student-to-teacher ratios and many opportunities for one on one interaction through directed study.


Each MM student is assigned a state-of-the-art MIDI workstation in our lab on which to work during the duration of the program.  The lab is available to the students after class hours for both supervised (by our technology faculty) and unsupervised hours. The technology component of the program trains students on the leading software programs used in the industry: Digital Performer, Logic, Pro-Tools, Finale and Sibelius as well as advanced midi-courses that cover plug-ins and sound libraries.


In addition to many assignments realized using the MIDI stations, MM students will have 9 recording opportunities writing for professional session musicians and recorded in professional studios.  The instrumentation for these sessions will range from a full 50 piece studio orchestra, to scoring for rhythm section and combining live musicians with electronic elements. These projects will be written and produced to professional standards and will cover a wide variety of styles and scoring techniques.


Music Composition Studio

Writing music for film is a deeply collaborative endeavor, and the collaboration begins early in this program, as students compose the music for the projects of their filmmaking peers at the school. The Seattle Film Institute offers an ecosystem of creative collaboration rarely found in the academic world. We strive to mirror the professional environment in this regard.



Taught by two-time Emmy Award winning composer Hummie Mann, this MM program provides a thorough immersion into writing music for film, television, video games and other media. Students gain the skill set, experience, and professional portfolio necessary to launch successful careers.
The goal of The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program is to produce the most prepared graduates of any film-scoring program currently offered.

Program Highlights


All classes meet from 9am-1:30pm Monday-Friday, with supervised lab time available in the afternoon and unsupervised lab times evenings and weekends.

If you're ready to apply for the Masters of Music in Film Composition,  follow this link:  Masters of Music application page.



Film Scoring Alumni Credits


Name: David Checketts


Feature Film: 

"The China Buffet

Directed by Mark DeWolfe


Name: David Wood


Feature Film:

Love Me (for what I am) Not  (2005)


Short Films:

Beyond the Pretty Door  (2006) 

Sometimes...and Always in a Dream  (2006)

Library  (2006)

Clear  (2005)

Bologna Gone Bad  (2005)

The Soda  (2005) 

Murder (2004)

Lost & Found (2004) 



 "New Years Eve Live with Regis Philbin"  (FOX, 12/31/05).  Orchestral arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne"


Moondoggie Technologies  (2006)  (2005)


Name: Erik Aho



The Amazing Race (CBS)

The Miracle Workers (ABC)

The Bachelor: Paris (ABC)



Busting Out (Showtime)



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Mervyns Summer 2006

Mervyns Back to School



The Suffering:  The Ties That Bind (Midway)



2006 Turner Classic Movies Young Composer Competition Semifinalist


Name: Francyl Gawryn



"Curro" - Award for Technical Excellence for Student Film: Women In Film Awards - 2000


Behind Barbed Wire - 2003


Henry Wood Elliott - Defender of The Fur Seals - 2006


Name: Jamie Hall



H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds (2005) (dir. Timothy Hines)



Main title for "About Us" (2004-06) (PBS)



The Delivery Man (2007) (dir. Martin Taidy)

Endangered Species (2006) (dir. Tony White)

Flickering Memories (2004) (dir. Brian MacDonald)

Muerto Canyon (2000) (dir. Jennifer Peel)



"Gold Medal for Excellence" in the "Best Impact of Music in a Short Film" Award at the 2007 Park City Film Music Festival.

2nd runner up in 2004 Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition.

Finalist in 2000 Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition.


Name: Jason Staczek



My Winnipeg (dir. Guy Maddin 2007, 80 mins) 

         * Best Canadian Feature, Toronto Int'l Film Festival 2007

         * #3 on Time Magazine's Top 10 Films of 2008

All My Love (dir. Brian Short 2007) 

         *Best Feature, Northwest Film Forum Local Sightings 2007

Brand Upon The Brain (dir. Guy Maddin 2006)

We Go Way Back (add'l music, dir. Lynn Shelton 2006) 

         *Best Narrative Feature, Slamdance 2006

Telephone Pole Numbering System (dir. William Weiss 2005)



Holding This For You (dir. Marissa Niederhauser 2008, 20 mins)

Parasol (dir. Webster Crowell 2008, 8 mins) 

         *Special Jury Mention, Northwest Film Forum Local Sightings 2008

Shiny Things (dir. Salise Hughes 2008, 5 mins)

Rent's Due (dir. Andy McCone 2004, 10 mins)


Name: Justin Melland




The Holidays

Producer: Joe Broido

PorchLight Entertainment

Domestic TV Distribution: Lifetime


World Enough And Time

Director: David Shulman

Production Company: SFI


TV Series:

The Human Weapon

Jupiter Entertainment

The History Channel


Undercover History

National Geographic


Name: Matt Hutchinson



-Title Credit Sequence to "The Grid" 6-hour mini-series on TNT. Title Sequence nominiated for an Emmy.

-Composed additional music for "Miss Runner Up" on the WE Network.

-:15 National Hershey's Television Ads.



-Aside (Directed by David Robert Smith)

-Times Like These (Directed by Rick Bosner)

-Sideshow O! (Directed by Sarah Canfield)

-Hideaway (Directed by Jacob Chase)

-Numb (2007 SIFF Fly Film - Directed by Matt Daniels)

-Alexandra (Directed by Matt Daniels)




-Maiden of Death (Placed in the top 3 entries for the SXSW "Grindhouse Trailer Contest. Directed by Thai Tran and Dan Brown)



-Sidewinder (Microsoft)

-Veer, Enso, Rollin Street, & The Martin (Vulcan)

-Phantom HD (Phantom HD Cameras)


Name: Michael Hebert


Feature Documentary: Beyond Wartime   (Directed by Andrew Himes)



"Copy This!" and "Thirsty Work"  for  (exec producer Todd Stevens - Joey Friends) 



Screen Door (Dir. Brian Quist)



Name: Nan Avant-Spady



"Alistair MacLean:Ypdid Nefesh"  directed by Andy Spletzer and Produced by Meredith Binder

          Silver Medal Award for Excellence in Music from the Park City Film Music Festival

 " The Past, the Future and the Paparazzi Permit" directed by Przemek Pardyak and Produced by Meredith Binder

         Best Musical Score Award - Seattle 48 Hour Film Challenge


Awards for Feature Film and Short Films:


directed by Greg Kerr

Won Best Feature Film and Video 2009 New Jersey Film Festival at Rutgers and Director's Choice Silver Medal for Excellence- Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film at the Park City Film Music Festival 2010

The Accolade Competition Award of Merit for Original Score in the Feature Film Unremembered 2010


Short films:

Maria in the Kitchen

Directed by Nik Perleros and Laurel Minter Award for Best Short Film at the Other Venice Film Festival 2010 and

Jury's Choice Silver Medal for Excellence Best Impact of Music in a Short Film at Park City Film Music Festival 2010


Remember Me

Directed by Ian Stone Silver Medal for Excellence- Park City Film Music Festival 2010


Alistair MacLean: Y'did Nefesh

Directed by Andy Spletzer, Silver Medal for Excellence Best Impact of Music in a Short Film 2009, Park City Film Musi Festival

The 48 Hour Film Project Seattle 2008

Winner of the Best Musical Score for the short film The Past, the Future and the Paparazzi Permit, directed by Przemek Pardyak


Name: Rebecca Wolf-Nail


Feature Films:

"Liberation" by Wonder Productions, dir. Nils Osmar

"Warrior's End" (dir. Bjorn Anderson) - medieval action (2007)

"Xeros" by Wonder Productions (dir. Nils Osmar) - sci-fi/romance 

[premiered at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2005]



"The Delivery" (dir. Virginia Berta Bogert) - Seattle International Film Festival Fly Films 2006 

"Guilt Quotient" Wonder Productions (dir. Nils Osmar) - sci-fi/comedy

"Sin" by Fast Track Productions (dir. Scott Norwood) - suspense/thriller

"A Day in America" by Corinthian Grey Entertainment (dir. Thomas Scott Adams) - romantic drama

"Bird's Eye Waltz" by Wildcat Hollow (dir. Derik Sieg) - romantic comedy

"Lesson One" by Bully Films (dir. Emmett Lynch) - comedy

"The Verdict" by Fast Track Productions (dir. Scott Norwood) - drama

"I-24" by! Ryan Middleton (dir. Ryan Middleton) - dark comedy

"Dog-Gone It" by Strike Twice Films - comedy

"Car Fight" by Troy Cook - action


Musical Theater:

"Take It Outside", a musical comedy of the Pacific Northwest. Winner of the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwright Festival 2005 in the "Best Musical" category.


Concert Credits:

"Gypsy Dances," for string orchestra (part of the SCA's Composer Residency Program) 


Name: Scott Szabo


Television Series:

Divorce Court - Fox TV series 2008 - music producer/arranger

Judge Mooney - TV series 2007 - BET

SkateVision - Internet TV series 2006 - LionEye


Feature Film:

"Cook County" 2008  (Director - David Pomes)



Methodist Hospital Houston - TV/radio 2007 campaign

Fiesta (regional grocery store) - 2007 TV campaign

Delta Downs Casino - Radio 2006 campaign

Conn's (regional appliance store) "Let's Go" campaign 2006


Name: Semih Tareen



Gomeda - won best original theme music award at the Terror Film Festival, Philadelphia



Exroommate -  winner of the 3-minute masterpiece challenge by the Seattle Times


Tientsin Diaries 


Hello Gorgeous


Name: Steve Pradd



 "Caught in the Crossfire"   (Directed by Sandy Williams)

" True to the Game"  (Directed by Heather Lighston)



"Hysteria" (2005)  (Directed by Gerald G. Haynes)



"Sticks and Stones" (2006)  (Directed by Sandy Williams)


Name: Anthony Lledo



Frostbite” (Sweden) winner of “Best Score” award at the Screamfest Film Festival in Hollywood 2006

Newsmakers” (Russia) premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in New York 2009

 “With a Right to Kill”  (Documentary Feature) winner of a Danish Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2004. 

Currently working with composer Harry Gregson-Williams


Name:  Jeff Tolbert


The Unlovables (2011) - in progress

Walk Right In (2009)


Short Films:

Scamp (2011)

Modern Views (2010)

Life On Fire (2010)

Safe Passage (2009)



Faerie Solitaire (2009)


Film Scoring Program Testimonials


"An invaluable experience" is how I would describe my time at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. I gained the knowledge I needed to proceed as a film composer and would highly recommend this program to any earnest composer who would like to score music for films.  The instruction will be exactly what you need, whether it is learning advanced orchestration for film, the ins and outs of the film music business or specific sequencing programs, the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program provides all the instruction you will need. 

--Nan Avant


"The knowledge and tools I gained from studying with Hummie Mann as part of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program have been instrumental in launching my career as a composer.  Rarely, especially in the business, do you get the opportunity to learn from one of the present day masters of this art form.  His curriculum digs deep into the technical and artistic elements of the craft that are critical for a working professional to have fluency in."

--Steve Brush


"The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program was, and still is, a great asset to my career.  Even during the course, I was applying the skills and techniques to my day to day compositional work at Bad Animals.  I really liked that the course focused on real world scenarios and applications of the craft of composition.  Hummie's fresh insight and no nonsense approach made the classes fun and highly informative.  I would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone seeking real world knowledge and skills in the film/commercial music world." 

--Thomas McGurk


"My experience with the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program has trained me well for a very busy career writing music for film, television, and beyond.  I believe that the skills I learned in his program gave me a competitive edge that allowed me to create my own career as a lead composer on Oscar nominated documentaries, Sundance Premiering Feature Films, successful TV shows, and musicals.  With lessons that took me very thoroughly through advanced orchestration and recording, to how to behave at a recording session, the program primed me to succeed in a very strange and nebulous career where you never know where or when your next project is coming from.  I highly recommend this program!!"

--Justin Melland



"This program is AMAZING. I'm currently writing music for films and video games, and I can honestly say that that would not be the case if it wasn't for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. Literally every day I use something I learned from Hummie, whether it's theory, orchestration or scoring for picture. It's quite remarkable how much incredible information is packed into the program."

--Jeff Tolbert


“I had been studying music theory and composition at the University of Washington for several years without knowing what direction my passion for music might take me.  Discovering the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program ignited my interest in applying the creative music process with the highly technical and challenging craft of film scoring.  After relocating to LA to work in the industry, the knowledge and experience I gained from his program proved invaluable to launch into professional projects.”

--David Wood



"Far beyond basic skills, the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program gave me the confidence to pursue a career in film scoring. Hummie reveals everything about the craft and business of film music and I'm still absorbing those lessons years into my own career. Highly recommended!" 

--Jason Staczek


"My experience with the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program not only ignited my passion for film scoring, but also gave me the fundamental skills to start building a professional career in composing music for picture.  Hummie's rare skills as a teacher and mentor, incredible technique and inspiring musicality combine with the well-chosen, practical offerings of the program to provide a unique opportunity for any aspiring film composer.  I've been able to build on that foundation to do a wide range of professional work, including commercials, film scores, licensed music for broadcast television, corporate work, and more."

--Michael Hebert


I attended the first European PNW Film Scoring Program, held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2004. I found the program to be extremely useful, well structured and truly inspirational. Hummie Mann is an amazing teacher and a great communicator with experience from the very top level of the film scoring industry as a composer, orchestrator and conductor.  In fact, I liked the program so much that I when I got back home to Denmark I arranged for Hummie to come to Copenhagen to setup this program, which he did!  In Denmark – as in Scotland - the program was highly successful and attracted many professional composers; experienced film composers, “classical” composers, orchestrators and composers who wanted to learn the craft of film scoring. The program collaborated with directors from the Danish Film School and the scores were recorded with the Danish Radio Orchestra. A great experience for everyone - including the directors! The program has run multiple times in Denmark and has been attended by more than 30 composers.

The great thing about this program is that everyone gets a lot out of it on many levels – theoretically, practically and inspirationally and most importantly, you get the opportunity to apply this to real life situations since you will be working on films with directors and live musicians.

There is a lot more to being a film composer than writing music! You will have to deal with directors and producers, prepare music budgets, plan recording sessions, have a technical knowledge about everything from time code formats to music software, and much, much more. This program will prepare you for this. It is an invaluable experience. 

--Anthony Lledo


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Why Study at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at SFI?

Hummie Mann talks with Film Scoring students about batons and conducting techniques.Hummie Mann talks with Film Scoring students about batons and conducting techniques.


• Program created and designed by a two-time Emmy Award Winning professional Hollywood film composer/orchestrator/conductor.   

• Develop the expertise needed to become a composer of music for film and other media

• Study with seasoned, active, professionals of the industry.

• Assemble a top-caliber portfolio through the guidance of our faculty using high-level professional musicians, recording engineers and studio facilities.

• Establish a network of future professionals through the collaborative opportunities available at the Seattle Film Institute.


Benefits of the Master of Music in Film Composition

Student Film Music Scoring Request Form



As a student filmmaker, you have put many long hours into your production. You want it to communicate your ideas in the most effective way possible.

In some situations, using existing pieces of music in your score is adequate, if you can secure the rights to use them. As preparation for filmmaking in the real world, however, nothing can replace the experience of working with composers to create an original score to support and enhance your work.

Throughout the Spring and Summer students in the Master of Music in Film Composition  will compose and record original scores customized to the dramatic needs of a variety of student films. Please check out samples of their work on the Gallery page if you have not already.

If you are interested in an original score for your production, provide your contact and film information below, and a member of The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program staff will reply with more information about the submission process. When you have completed the form, click the Submit button.


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Enter the name of the school you are/were enrolled in when this film was made.

In your project description, please describe the type of film (comedy, action, drama, etc.) and any ideas or concepts you have regarding the type of music you feel is appropriate to your project (e.g., jazz, rock, classical, sound design, etc.).

Who Should Apply to the MM in Film Composition?


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